OpenSource contributions

OpenSource is a truly remarkable concept that has revolutionized the world of technology and software development.

Lastly, the OpenSource philosophy promotes open standards and interoperability, enabling seamless integration and collaboration between different technologies and platforms. In essence, OpenSource embodies the power of collaboration, innovation, transparency and inclusivity, making it an invaluable asset for technological advancement and societal progress.

In my view, OpenSource thrives on a balanced form of give and take. Accordingly, I always try to make my own contribution and also give something back to the community. Before I complain about missing or buggy features of an OpenSource software, I try to fix them and submit the proposed solution accordingly.

Own popular repositories

react-native-fs (opens in a new tab)react-native-sha256 (opens in a new tab)redux-saga-rn-alert (opens in a new tab)redux-saga-location (opens in a new tab)mnemonics (opens in a new tab)


CarbonX token SmartContracts (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab)hardhat-deploy (opens in a new tab)Truffle (opens in a new tab)Avalanche Faucet (opens in a new tab)Blockscout (opens in a new tab)Avalanche CLI (opens in a new tab)Avalanche subnet-evm (opens in a new tab)Ethereum Lists (opens in a new tab)web3modal (opens in a new tab)Pinata-SDK (opens in a new tab)HD-Wallet-Derive (opens in a new tab)RNCryptor (opens in a new tab)react-native-sqlite-storage (opens in a new tab)react-native-zip-archive (opens in a new tab)

A full list of all contributions can be found here (opens in a new tab).

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