Hi. I'm Hagen.

CTO, Founder, Co-Founder and crypto space developer

In a nutshell:

> 1000 contributions to GitHub per year at the time of writing

> developed the very first Smart Contract for Security Tokens according to eWpG
(German Electronics Securities Act)

> founder and co-founder of more than 5 companies
incl. one exit

> released the very first React Native app into the Apple AppStore
and Google PlayStore, April 2016, zizzle.io

> 30 yrs of experience in software development, > 10 yrs as CTO

Latest Work

Founder & CTO at infobud.ai

2024/01/01: 💥infobud.ai is an AI-driven news aggregator that simplifies global news, offering customizable feeds in all languages for tailored insights into tech, finance, politics, and more.

Web (opens in a new tab) + LinkedIn (opens in a new tab) + LinkedIn Anncouncement 1 (opens in a new tab) + LinkedIn Announcement 2 (opens in a new tab)

We've all experienced how mainstream news platforms tend to be overwhelmed by a few dominating stories, causing us to miss out on other significant developments. To address this, I imagined a news platform governed not by the whims of editorial teams but by an intelligent algorithm - promoting unbiased and diversified news coverage. Enter infobud.ai (opens in a new tab).

Deep Learning Machine Learning AI RAG Vector Database Go NodeJS Python PostgreSQL DevOps News Podcast Team Building Software Architect

Avalanche SubNets, Custom Chain / AppChain

2023/05/01: 💥 Why And How We Built Our Own Blockchain for effortless Building, Testing and Token Abundance: Twitter (opens in a new tab) + Article on LinkedIn (opens in a new tab)

Thanks to Avalanche SubNets and Blockscout we are running our own EVM.

Avalanche SubNet Blockscout Kubernetes DevOps

SmartContracts for a Security Token (eWpG)

2023/06/01: Building SmartContracts for a Security Token, which covers the regulatory requirements of the German Electronics Security Law ("eWpG") fully on-chain, together with a d'App to manage the SmartContracts, permission, rules and token minting.

Solidity Avalanche SmartContracts SecurityToken HardHat

SmartContracts for ReFi-Startup Below2, USA

2022/07: Building SmartContracts for offsetting Carbon credits providing token retirement in carbon vaults. Full test coverage built with hardhat. GitHub (opens in a new tab)

Solidity Polygon SmartContracts ReFi HardHat

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